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tyre fitting


Our Expert tyre fitters ensure the highest quality service for all our tyre fittings, tyre sales and tyre tests. We guarantee the best tyre prices in the UK via a tyre price check that compares tyre prices of UK online tyre suppliers.

Whatever the driving conditions or the speed you are travelling - your only contact with the road is a small section of your vehicles tyres.

Statistics show that almost half of all car accidents are caused when a car skids - tyres are your vital link with the road and it pays to have the best fitted by professional, qualified tyre-technicians.

North West Tyres recommends that you should undertake tyre test and tyre tread depth checks regularly. We recommend you check your tyres at least once per month.

When you think about it, tyres are just about the most important component of any vehicle - they're the only part of the car actually in contact with the road surface. If your tyres lose their grip... you can imagine the consequences. Why take risks when it is so easy to ensure your tyres are in good condition? Our expert technicians will be pleased to check your tyres free of charge. They will advise you when replacement is likely to be due and how to get the best wear and performance at all times.

Remember: A Tyre with less than 1.6mm of tread requires twice the braking distance!


tyre tests and tyre wear


Full tyre tests and tyre tread depth checks are an essential part of tyre care. Often tyres have to be replaced long before their specified life has been reached principally because of rapid or uneven tread wear. The most common causes of avoidable tread wear are:

Under - Inflating - Causes rapid wear along the edges of the tread.

Over - Inflating - Causes rapid wear across the centre of the tread.

Faulty brakes or shock absorbers - Can cause flat/blad spots around the tread of the tyre.

Incorrect Wheel Alignment - Will cause rapid wear along the inside or the outside edges of the tyres. If you strike a kerb or hit a pot hole- the delicate settings of the steering gear geometry are invariably misaligned which will resort in this sort of wear. Wear and tear in the steering components can also knock the wheel alignment out of true - so its vital that you have the front wheels re-aligned every 3 months or 3000 miles.

Tyres tests and tyre tread depth checks should be regularly undertaken to ensure safety. A basic visual tyre test should be performed on tyres every time you get in your car, but you should also do a tread depth check and tyre pressure check fortnightly. It is best to change your car tyres before they reach the limit. A tyre with less than 1.6mm tread requires twice the amount of braking distance of a new tyre.