Wheel alignment


When your wheel alignment is out it causes road holding problems that result in extraordinary tyre wear. It is important to get your alignment checked after a knock against a kerb or if you have an encounter with a pot hole in the road. If you notice uneven tyre wear, then this is also an indication that you have a wheel alignment problem.

You can have your wheel alignment checked for free by a trained technician at North West Tyres and if it is out they can make the necessary adjustments to make sure that the vehicle meets the settings set by the vehicle manufacturer.


Wheel Balancing


If your tyres are not balanced correctly then they can cause unpleasant vibrations in the steering wheel and dashboard. Badly balanced tyres can cause unnecessary wear to the tyres and to other vehicle components.

At North West Tyres we use the latest in technology and fully trained staff to ensure that the tyres are balanced to the nearest gram so that vehicle safety and performance are not comprised.


OIL AND filter


North West Tyres offer motorists the facility of carrying out light servicing and MOT work which includes oil and filter change, brake pads, headlight alignment and fluid level checks. Please contact us for further details.


Puncture Repair


Before a puncture can be repaired the wheels must be removed from the vehicle and the tyre dismounted from the rim so that it can be examined and the correct repair carried out. All North West Tyres technicians have been been trained to carry out puncture repairs to the most exacting British Standard.




At North West Tyres we recommend that you have your vehicles braking system checked on a regular basis for your safety and for your passengers safety. At Northwest Tyres we offer a free brake inspection carried out by our expert technicians. This involves removing the vehicles front wheels and checking over the brakes discs, pads, callipers and brake pipe.